Why We Do what we do

Bringing together individuals with decades of experience designing and implementing some of the most complex—yet efficient—materials handling systems in the world, Synergy Design & Integration’s lean team of senior-level experts is eager to address your distribution challenges.

At Synergy, our team is your team.

Let us partner with you to create a system for you that reduces costs, increases efficiencies, and delivers products to your customers at the service levels they expect. Evolving business needs? No problem. We’re committed to helping your operations grow and change.

Let’s do this. Together.

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What It Means to Be a Women-Owned Business

In an industry dominated by men, Synergy Design & Integration is a woman-owned business. While rare in our field, women-owned and operated companies are at the leading edge of nearly every sector—and we’re excited to be a part of the movement.

A copy of our certification is available in support of your company’s organization-wide diversity initiatives.

Meet Our Team

Rachelle Headshot

Rachelle Sipkovsky


Franklin, TN

With a 20-year career spanning construction and retail, Rachelle is a master of project management, scheduling, marketing and sales—all skills that have transitioned readily to an administrative role overseeing material handling systems engineering projects. A Purdue University graduate with a degree in building construction management, Rachelle is the driving force behind all Synergy projects. She coordinates contracts, monitors projects, minds the details, and interfaces with the team to ensure that each design and installation runs as smoothly as possible. Rachelle founded Synergy in 2016.

Share something surprising about yourself.

I won a college bowling scholarship.

What terrifies you?

Snakes and small spaces.

What’s your favorite food?

A great steak, baked potato with butter and a salad, followed by a Peppermint ice cream sundae with hot fudge and crushed peppermints on top (no nuts, no cherries).

What is your most useful skill?

I have a ridiculous eye for things being out of level or out of plumb…like crazy accurate.
Steve Headshot

Steve Sipkovsky


Franklin, TN

As Rachelle’s first employee at Synergy (and in life), Steve has two decades of supply chain expertise spanning pre-contract engineering, project management, and control system functional design for both greenfield and retrofit facilities. A mechanical engineering graduate of Purdue University, his design work in retail and e-commerce distribution facilities is informed by extensive data analysis to determine the optimal solution for both process improvements and maximum ROI. Prior to his current role, Steve spent his entire career at another systems integrator serving Fortune 500 retail clients. There, he rose through the ranks from hands-on project design and documentation to upper management. His role at Synergy allows Steve to get back to what he loves: leveraging his extensive, hands-on direct-to-consumer fulfillment center design knowledge to create unique solutions that meet the challenges of today’s retailers and shippers.

What’s your favorite read?

I’m working my way through listening to the DailyAudioBible app for the third time, which is much easier than reading those hard-to-pronounce names myself.

What scares you the most?

Germs. I hate getting sick and will do anything I can to avoid it. Rachelle and I have four children, so staying healthy is no small feat at times.

What’s your most useful skill?

Tractor driving; we have a 25-acre hobby farm, and I do my best strategic design thinking when I’m bush-hogging grass out in the field.

Share something surprising about yourself?

I prefer working third shift! While I do work normal business hours, I often have a lot of my best ideas after dark.

Matt Herms

Senior Vice President of Solutions

Hebron, KY

Approaching two decades in supply chain and material handling, Matt specializes in process design and engineering of highly sophisticated, automated distribution solutions. His background includes stints creating facilities concepts and auditing safety and compliance for parcel carriers DHL and UPS; designing automated conveyors, sorters, and structural storage systems; and managing multi-million-dollar greenfield and brownfield distribution center construction projects. Most recently he’s transitioned to customer development and project sales. Matt has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering from Northern Kentucky University.

What’s your favorite activity?

Scuba diving. I’m a Certified PADI Dive Master and volunteered for several years doing underwater presentations in the Manatee exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo, and in the shark tank at the Newport Aquarium — where I was once attacked by a 300-pound loggerhead turtle. Yes, there’s a video on YouTube.

What scares you the most?

Theme parks, large crowds, and overpriced churros. Despite that, my family and I have Walt Disney World annual passes, and we’ve visited more than 30 times.

What’s your most useful skill?

My ability to ensure that every photo and decoration in my home is perfectly level and straight. My family likes to randomly shift items slightly, then wait to see how long it takes me to fix them.

Share something surprising about yourself?

My original college major was in marine biology before I switched. But I still applied my passion for the ocean to my senior
project, when I designed and built a compact filtration system for a saltwater reef aquarium that lasted eight years.
Ken Headshot

Ken Randolph

Procurement/Customer Service

Dimondale, MI

Having won numerous awards and achieved multiple promotions during more than 20 years in restaurant management, Ken left the hospitality field for a completely new challenge: conveyor installation. After discovering his management skills made him a better fit for administration and supervision, he transferred to project and site management, ensuring that installation crews equipped with the right components and at the right time to complete jobs on schedule. After traveling the country coast-to-coast from one installation to the next for another decade (and delighted to get paid for indulging his travel cravings), Ken brought his 30-plus years of customer service and project management expertise to Synergy in 2018.

If you weren’t doing this, what would you do?

I’d love to be a meteorologist. The weather has always fascinated me, plus nothing beats a good thunderstorm at night.

What’s your biggest fear?

Being stuck on the ground. I’ve flown both an airplane and a glider and ridden in a hot air balloon. I want to skydive one of these days, just to say I did it.

What’s your most useful skill?

Organization and follow-through. I enjoy the challenge of keeping a project on task through to completion and ensuring that each customer’s satisfaction is at the highest level possible.

Share something surprising about yourself

I’ve always wanted to be a performer or entertainer, such as an actor (any role would be fine), a singer (unfortunately, the only place I sound good is in the shower), or conductor (what could top producing such a beautiful sound?).
Kyle Headshot

Kyle Tornquist

Senior Project Manager

Parker, CO

Hired immediately after graduation from Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in engineering systems technology, Kyle spent eight years at a systems integrator alongside Steve Sipkovsky. There, as a project manager, he designed and integrated material handling systems for a variety of retail, e-commerce and parcel facilities. Additionally, Kyle is certified in Lean Manufacturing and is a Six Sigma Black Belt. He brought his project management expertise to Synergy in 2019.

What’s your favorite activity?

It’s a toss-up between eating donuts with Captain Crunch and deadlifting.

What scares you the most?

The Kansas City Chiefs winning a Super Bowl. I’m a Denver Broncos fan.

What’s your most useful skill?

Possessing all types of useless knowledge. Don’t bet against me in a trivia contest.

Share something surprising about yourself?

I won a Lion King coloring contest at a local movie theater as a kid, but was unable to defend my title when the remake was released this past summer.
Jerome Headshot

Jerome Hull

Senior Project Engineer

Alexandria, KY

With 27 years of experience in material handling systems 3D design and modeling—as well as a veteran of the US Army Reserve—Jerome has held many titles, both formal and informal. Among them, Mechanical and Systems Engineer and Mister Parcel (after creating many of the standard new facility and system designs still deployed by a major international courier delivery company). Additionally, Jerome designed and engineered a complete product line—including unique drawings for more than 550 parts—to enable his company to replace a supplier with in-house manufactured components. As the material handling brands he worked for consolidated via acquisition by ever-larger corporations, Jerome decided he prefers the atmosphere of small business. He joined Synergy in 2018.

What’s your favorite activity?

Long-distance competitive shooting. I specialize in both rifle shooting to 1,200 yards and pistol shooting to 220 yards. It’s an activity that requires intense focus and attention to detail.

What scares you

Falling off my bike. Fortunately, it doesn’t happen often, even though I enjoy riding long distances. I’ve done several week-long bike rides covering at least 50 miles a day.

What’s your most useful skill?

Making customers happy; I always put them first in my designs and strive to ensure I’m creating a solution that best addresses what they want and need.

Share something surprising about yourself?

I love to rebuild muscle car engines. I even designed and had made all of the special parts needed to marry a bigger engine to a manual transmission that everyone said could not be connected together—then fit them into my wife’s Chevy S10 truck.

Andrew Callahan

Project Engineer

Hamilton, OH

With Master and a Bachelor of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering — focused on sustainable solutions and additive manufacturing — from the University of Louisville, Andrew’s first foray into supply chain spanned three separate, consecutive co-op experiences at GE Electric Appliances. There, he managed both projects and people while creating new manufacturing processes for component fabrication, installing a new assembly line, and coordinating multiple suppliers. Those foundational design and engineering experiences served him well in his first professional role at an automotive manufacturing robotics supplier. Andrew was recruited to join Synergy by long-time friend and colleague Jerome Hull in 2020.

What’s your favorite activity?

Board games. I own more than 100, with my favorite being Wingspan. It has both great mechanics and a good theme. I also love challenging brain puzzles, like Sudoku and crosswords.

What scares you the most?

Scuba diving and snorkeling — they unnecessarily complicate the process of breathing.

What’s your most useful skill?

I do a killer Chewbacca impersonation on command.

Share something surprising about yourself?

I come from a family of 10. It was chaotic at times, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Tony Britton

Commissioning Engineer

Burlington, CT

Having earned Associate degrees that combined physics, calculus, and chemistry — and with experience managing restaurants throughout college— Tony began his supply chain career as a system design and integration installer (because he could lift 70 pounds and read blueprints, as well as pass the drug test, he notes). That launched him on a broad-ranging path through nearly three decades of design, implementation, and management of large-scale material handling equipment and high-speed automation systems. With a diverse background that includes welding expertise, sales engineering, project management, technical support, and workforce training and development, Tony is extremely adept at risk mitigation. This allows him to keep projects on-track while surpassing customer expectations.

What’s your favorite food?

BBQ. I love to smoke food and have invested a good portion of my life learning how to cook various meets. I love my wife and kids, but my pellet grill comes in at a close second.

What’s your preferred reply to “how are you”?

I always say, “I’m ducky.” Meaning everything is calm on the surface, but underwater I’m paddling like hell.

What’s your most useful skill?

My ability to maintain focus no matter what else is going on around me. This is likely due to my three children and their chaotic schedules, which calls for my second most useful skill — cat herding/multi-tasking — daily.

Share something surprising about yourself?

With the diversity of my career, it probably isn’t surprising that I also have had a variety of personal experiences too. I’ve visited all 50 states; I played clarinet, bass drum, bass clarinet, tuba, and xylophone in high school orchestra; and I’ve been run over by a sea turtle while snorkeling.

Ryan Gettys

Senior Project Manager

Franklin, TN

With a degree in construction engineering technology from East Tennessee State University, Ryan leaped into the world of project management and never looked back. After initially working in the electrical field, he transitioned to supply chain where he’s worked in system integration across a broad range of distribution center projects for nearly a decade. An accomplished wearer of multiple hats, Ryan’s diverse areas of expertise include management of scope, schedule, budget, permits, coordination, communication, installation, reporting, and more for greenfield projects and brownfield upgrades and expansions. He’s also a licensed contractor in the state of Tennessee.

What’s your favorite band?

Umphrey’s McGee, a jam band I was introduced to in the early 2000s when I was in college. I’ve seen them live at more than 75 shows! I’m a big fan.

What’s your biggest fear?

Being stuck indoors. I’m an avid outdoorsman and spend most of my free time in nature. In the winter I’m skiing, hunting, and hiking; warmer months I’m kayaking, scuba diving, golfing, or fly fishing.

What’s your most useful skill?

My general construction knowledge and the tool collection that comes with it. I’ve put this to good use with several top-to-bottom home renovations, additions, and any other side projects my wife can envision.

Share something surprising about yourself?

Call me the Clark Griswold of Christmas décor. I’m one of those crazies who starts installing more than 10,000 lights right after Halloween. Currently I’m working out the transition to a computer-controlled, music-synced display.